By the looks of the comment section in my last post, it seems that everyone and their mother has heard of Overwatch. I watched Day9‘s playthroughs of it during closed beta, but I didn’t decide to purchase it until the actual release. Both a good and bad decision because this game has taken over my life!

I haven’t had much experience with multiplayer FPS save for a very brief stint in Team Fortress 2, so I’m very green to the scene. Fortunately, Blizzard seems to have taken measures to keep the game pleasant for filthy casuals like me. So far, I have nothing but good things to say about Overwatch. Here are ten things I love about it!

Lucio in Hanamura

Colorful Visuals

The recent gaming trend of grimdark storylines and visuals tend to get me down, and Overwatch’s bright maps and Pixar-like character designs are a refreshing change. While the lore does contain some heavy stuff, there is still a light-hearted and hopeful vibe in that the world still has its heroes. A good example is Dad Soldier 76’s animated short.

Awesome Soundtrack

I love listening to the music when the match is about to start. It definitely builds hype and puts me in the mood to win. The overtime music can get pretty intense the longer it goes too. I hope it gets released on Spotify soon. Otherwise, I might just purchase it on iTunes.

Soldier 76 highlight intro

Interesting Characters

I think what convinced me to buy Overwatch in the first place are the characters. Because it’s not the high kill-to-death ratio nor the rise up the ranks that motivates me to play games, it’s how much I can emotionally invest into everyone. While the lore hasn’t been completely revealed just yet, the world building has a ton of potential. I also appreciate the representation across all the heroes. Everyone comes from around the world and they even speak the respective languages.

Tracer in ultraviolet skin
My favorite Tracer skin that everyone else has too.

Customizable Skins

Gaining a new level rewards you with a loot box that randomly contains a set of skins, voice lines, sprays, emotes, and more. You can equip these on your heroes to make them look more unique. Mike also gifted me fifty loot boxes, and I unlocked a handful of legendary skins which is awesome! I don’t covet the legendary skins much but they’re awesome to have.

Fairly Balanced Gameplay

No one hero is too overpowered in my opinion. Blizzard nerfed a few issues last week, and I’m sure they’ll continue to work on the game’s balance. You’re meant to switch heroes to adapt to the situation so you can counter any players that are giving you a hard time. I’ve recently been practicing D.Va so I can deal with Bastion and turrets better. There’s a lot to gain in knowing how to play as many heroes as you can.

Good Matchmaking System

My win ratio hovers around 50% which is fair. The game places you in matches with players at the same skill level as you. If you’ve been winning a lot, you’re matched with higher-skilled people. If you have a bad streak, you’re placed with others on the same level. I believe it almost matches you based on group size. If you’re in a group of four, it’ll find another group of four to go against you. Team coordination is a must.

All Widowmakers
No one can hide from our sights.

Silly Matches

On late nights, I like to play with AI to get myself familiar with new heroes before jumping with them in quick play. Every now and then, everyone decides to just screw around and pick the same hero to see how far we get. I’ve gone on long stretches with the same players experimenting with different heroes. It’s a ton of fun and if we lose, it’s not a big deal. I ended up adding a few of them to my friends list, so we can do it again in the future!

Avoid Player Option

As with any online community, there are toxic players in the game. I’ve had my fair share of them, but luckily, you’re able to flag them as “avoid” in your Social screen. This will ensure that you won’t be matched up with that player again (though I’ve heard this doesn’t work perfectly if the game is unable to find a different match).

You can also mute and block them from chat so you’ll never have to hear from them ever again. Blizzard has been taking reports for harassment more seriously nowadays, and I hear that offenders get a short ban. That’s so great. Games are supposed to be enjoyable, and I hope they keep it up.

Talented Fandom

My Tumblr dashboard has been filled with fan art and I’m eating it all up. I don’t contribute much to the fandom save for the occasional garbage post, but I’m really grateful for all the talented artists who post their work online. They definitely make the whole experience more fun. I’ve also been watching playthroughs on Youtube. I love Muselk and Flik for their hilarious highlights.

Two Reinhardts

Playing with Friends!

I’ve been playing single-player RPGs for so many years with not many chances to play co-op. I’m happy I’m able to enjoy something with my friends again. Mike and I play together often, and I also joined an awesome Discord group through ONTD. Hello bbs! If any of you also play, feel free to DM me your battletag!

That’s it for my Overwatch post. What games have you been playing? Got a favorite hero? Let me know in the comments!


  1. urgh I’m so jealous of people who get to play overwatch. I wish there are more people who play the division too :( so sad that i don’t have online friends who play it with me. *coughcoughwinkwink*

    have you watched the cinematic of overwatch? it’s really cute! the whole disney-ish character design is just really, really awesome tbh.
    Alice B recently posted…Curated .01My Profile

  2. It looks like a fun game! Unlike most other games I love how bright it looks. I used to play a lot of Warcraft and FFXI. I really should play a game like this again. Though I mostly played by myself.
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…Doctor visit!My Profile

  3. Ahh, all of these Overwatch mentions make me want to download the game XD. When people mentioned that this is a FPS game, I somehow thought about Call of Duty @__@…. But I’m glad to see that it has a different look to the typical FPS’s! Hope this isn’t a play to win type of game.

    It’s great when game dev’s balance out the classes/heroes. I get tired of seeing a bunch of the same class because it’s OP. Looks like Blizzard got their #### down with fair play!

    I’ve been playing Skyforge, maining as a witch X’D.

  4. Ahh, Overwatch looks so cool! I’m excited to purchase it, I’m not sure when but I definitely have it in my list of to buy games xD Glad you’re having fun with it! I love games with an awesome fandom and awesome artwork too! This is one of the reasons I have Tumblr tbh!

  5. AHHH everyone is talking about this game! I looked at it because the graphics are so beautiful! I also like the very interesting looking characters. I’m bad at any multiplayer online game though because I can’t see who I’m playing with, hehe. I’m glad they are able to filter out online harassment!

    I’m playing a lot of super mini games these days for my degree, and some of them are REALLY fun!
    Liv recently posted…AgithaHime Diaries: Little Pixel CollectionsMy Profile

  6. Co-op games were never my things, but I can see the appeal for them for others! I’m glad you’re enjoying this game! The visuals do look great :D

    I can’t wait until I get Zero Time Dilemma! Been waiting forever for that final instalment!
    Tara recently posted…New Domain, Big Move!My Profile

  7. New visitor. Just blog walking. How are you?
    Im not much of a gamer but Overwatch looks interesting the play. I like your layout as well it’s pretty and well organized. Keep up the good work.
    Would you like to exchange links? Hope you accept =(

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