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I’d love summer if it wasn’t so hot. ☀

I know took a long break from blogging. Sure, I published a post or two, but I honestly just phoned them in. I wasn’t mentally present, and I certainly wasn’t there for my readers which makes me feel bad. I have a huge backlog of blogs to catch up and leave comments on! I also have a few post ideas that I hopefully can write out now that my workload’s eased up.

My absence can be pretty much explained by long work hours. On top of that and more excitingly, I was focused on Lehigh Valley’s inaugural WordCamp! I put a lot of work into designing the website and putting together a talk. It was a huge success! I can’t take all the credit though (not even 5% of it). The lead organizers went above and beyond to make it an incredible event. I’m amazed and humbled by the passion they all have for fostering the local tech community. I’m proud to be a part of it. 😊

Now that I have some free time back, I’m ready to focus my efforts back to blogging. 💻 I really did miss it. Sometimes, my self-imposed obligations of prepping content, blog hopping, and leaving comments can wear me down, and I grow to resent blogging and why I do it. But I remember that no matter what anyone else might think, I do love it as a hobby and it’s blessed me with a career I love. I just need a break every now and then. 🛌

How are you guys? Did you miss me? Haha! I missed you all. 💖


  1. I’ve missed you tons! But I totally get you wanting breaks from blogging. Blogging is hard work when you consider all the prepping and commenting you have to do X_X Even I take “breaks” in between and then spend a day catching up on everything LOL I guess it would be easier to do it little by little daily, but . . . I have other hobbies, too LOLOL But I’ll always come back to blogging, like you said :D

    Love your photos! The flowers are pretty and the lake/pond/water shot is lovely. And yes, I’d like summer, too, if it weren’t so HAWT. Btw, I did read about that Heat Dome phenomenon. I hope it won’t be too hawt for you!
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  2. Ah, WordCamp! I’ve always wanted to visit one (and there’s a lot of local ones here, especially the ones in San Francisco, the home base of Automattic), but it sucks that my work schedule is never on par with all these cool events (plus the fees are pricey, so I’ll be willing to wait until I get a new and better paying job lol). It must be an honor for you to design the site for the WordCamp, and it looks really nice too. :)

    I wouldn’t worry so much about blogging in general. I mean look at me, for example. I’m getting AWOL a lot on my personal blog, although I’m quite active on my other one for educational/creative purposes.

    Man, every time I see a blogger posting photographs like that really wants me to start getting out and take photos again, but dang the busy life. Those are beautiful, by the way. Landscape photography is the best! :D

      1. Weird, I recently did add a range of IPs to my block list a few days ago due to spamming, but I removed it now. Let me know if you’re still having trouble accessing. (I’ll just deal with the spammers in another way) ^^

        I really want to attend at least one WordCamp in my life. I’m still preparing my portfolio (I only got a placeholder one right now because I need my quick online presence at the moment lol), and Automattic is one of the places that I do plan on applying for a job for. I get to work at home and visit their office alternatively (if I do get hired LOL), it’d be a lot more fun working that way hehe.
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        1. Yay, I see it now! I’m sorry about spammers. :( You should do whatever you have to.

          Working at home is great! XD And getting hired by Automattic would be so, so awesome. Tickets to WC are pretty cheap from the ones I’ve attended. I’ve seen totally new people attend them. You should go whenever you feel like. :)

  3. Summer looks amazing on your end! Meanwhile, I’m discouraged from going out and snapping anything because of the heat XD. We all need a break or two and that’s completely fine! Do what you gotta do to be in peace and comfortable :).

    Glad to hear that WordCamp was a success. I’ve been hearing about how much of an amazing experience WordCamp is. I need to check it out one of these days XD.

    Welcome back to blogging!
    Me: Where is Raisa? ? ? : ‘ (
    Me: Yay she’s back! ! : – )
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    1. I currently live in a small city which isn’t as bustling as what I’m used to, but man if the scenery isn’t beautiful. <3

      WordCamp is great! There are always so many great talks. Even though I did one, I still learned a lot from the other speakers! And it's just great to be surrounded by people who love webdev, especially when I get burned out and I'm all bah hambug about coding.

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