I like to collect phone cases. I see them as an extension of my style, and I often switch them out to match my outfits, the season, or whatever suits my fancy. They’re a great way to show off my personality in a device that’s integral to our everyday lives.

But, I am also an Android user. Moreover, I use a less popular Android phone, an LG G4. I don’t have any thoughtful reason for using it over iOS, except that I’ve had Android phones for so long that I’m more comfortable with the platform. I also get free Play Store credit through Google Rewards which is hard to pass up. I basically get paid apps and Miitomo coins for free!

So there comes the dilemma for me. I want all the cute cases, but my phone isn’t popular enough for me to just buy them anywhere. Yes, I do feel a tinge of jealousy when I see iPhone and Galaxy cases at a Walgreens, and none for my LG.

The good news is cute phone cases for Android phones do exist. It only takes a little shopping and a bit of patience. To illustrate, I purchased at least one case from the following stores. They offer cases for all sorts of models, so even if you have an obscure model, you’re likely to find a case or two!


LG G4 with the white Spigen slim case

Amazon is my go-to for cheap and cute cases. You don’t need Prime membership since you’d most likely be ordering from an Asian seller. They usually take a few weeks to ship to you, but that’s in exchange for affordable prices. Nearly all of my old HTC One cases were from Amazon. My favorite was my blue Hello Kitty case. I got it for cheap, but it’s sooo cute and it protected my phone.

Amazon also sells some higher-end cases for most Android flagships. I purchased a white Spigen thin case for my current LG G4. It has a very low footprint, so it almost feels like my phone is wearing nothing. And it feels really good in the hand.

Ali Express

Pink bunny case

If you have a more obscure Android model, you can try your luck with Ali Express. They have filters to help you narrow down your phone by brand such as Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, OPPO, and much more. Love it.

I ordered my super adorable pink bunny case from a seller in China for just a few bucks! It took a few weeks to get here, but I had free buyer’s insurance which made me feel more confident about the purchase. As always, you should use common sense before buying. Make sure you read the seller’s reviews and ensure that the listing has accurate pictures. I always pass on listings that lack pictures and information.


Clear floral case

My favorite by far! Casetify makes designer fashion cases for Android flagships. You can also design a customized case with your Instagram pictures. I ordered two designer cases for the spring and summer, and the print quality on the clear cases are great. They’re just so beautiful to look at and hold. My pink floral case perfectly matched my spring pictures. I killed last season’s aesthetic.

For my phone, they only offered snap-on cases which doesn’t offer much protection. I have to be extra careful with my phone, but my pink floral case is so pretty, I miss it when it’s not on.


Blue Molang case

Ebay is another go-to site for purchasing hard-to-find items. A majority of the listings for phone cases seem to be posted on Amazon as well, but if you look enough, you’ll find some good ones.

I’ve purchased several vintage clothes from sellers with good experience, so I felt confident when I ordered a high-quality Molang case from a seller in Korea. It arrived here a little over a week later. It’s well-made and super cute to boot! I ended up ordering another one because I love it so much.

Shop Trokm

Black swirl case on white LG G4

Shop Trokm is a case store with an impressive list of available models. Looking at their dropdown menu lists out so many phones, this site is a good bet to find a case for you!

I ordered this gorgeous boho swirl case in black to go with my white plate (my phone has a removable back, I have both white and gold plates ). I used this case when I had back-to-back trips last year, and it protected my phone from so many falls. I tend to drop my phone a lot when I’m traveling alone. Carrying luggage by myself while trying to find my Uber ride can get chaotic. I even dropped my phone on concrete once (welp), and this case left my phone unscathed. I love it so much.

Show me yours!

That’s it for my go-to places for cute Android cases. Do you have a favorite store for cases? Got a super cute case to show off? Still need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board below!

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  1. I don’t have any… well, there aren’t any cute cases that has a stand on it LOL. XDDD I also use a not-so-popular Android phone too: HTC One M8. I use my phone for studies or art practice (textbooks on Kindle), so I needed it standing up. ^^ That’s one thing we should need: cute Android cases with stands. :D
    Adrianne recently posted…A thank you and some other non-related stuffMy Profile

  2. They are really cute cases and it’s good that you can find some, even when you have a model that is not overly popular. I have looked at items on Ali Express before but never brought anything. I have heard you do have to be really careful. It’s good that yours arrived safely. :D

    (I think my favourite would be the Molang one!)
    Kya recently posted…ScanNCutMy Profile

    1. I make sure that the seller has good reviews on Ali Express before buying. I’ve passed on some listings with really cute stuff, but it’s better to be careful!

  3. Amazon is an awesome place for cases of all kinds! It’s a plus that they have a good return policy if things don’t work out too. I bought a case for my 5S back then, but got a case for a 4S instead @___@. Your pink bunny case is so cute!!! Yes, reading the reviews and feedback is definitely important! It can save some future headaches.

    All of your cases are cute! I used to buy all sorts of cute cases with little stuff glued on to the back but it became inconvenient to fit in my pocket or bag D:. Now, I stick to a clear casemate case :).
    Nancy recently posted…Dessert HoppingMy Profile

    1. I have a clear case for when I was trying to go for a more ~professional~ look, but I really can’t resist cute cases! XD

      Amazon’s awesome for their customer service. :D I’ve done returns and cancellations with no problems. Plus, two-day Prime shipping is the best!

  4. I love your cases! They’re so adorable and they do reflect your personality ;)

    Amazon and Ebay are great sites to buy cases from, no matter what the model is. You just have to look hard! I used to buy from there too when I was still using Android phones. <3
    Claudine recently posted…Back to school!My Profile

    1. Yeah, Ebay especially has some real treasures if you just look! I had a phase in college where I bought all my clothes from Ebay. It was pretty great! Scores some really good vintage finds.

  5. I’ve never had an Android phone, but when I was in Manila and I had my first iPhone (iPhone 5), I literally bought every cute phone case I saw on Instagram and at the mall. I eventually grew out of that phase of changing phone cases, so now I only have a plain black rubber matte case for my phone (which I got from Amazon). Hehehe!
    Jae recently posted…It’s a Wrap, July!My Profile

  6. This post came at an awesome time. :) I’ll be buying a new phone in the next few days, because I’m also getting on a better phone plan. My current and next phones are each Androids, and…ugh. It’s so hard to find covers. I recently looked for a cover for my Huawei, which was an uncommon phone brand when I originally bought it, and…well, now it’s, like, popular-ish?

    But I’m buying an LG instead, just because I’ve had better past experience with LG phones and need something better. ^^;

    I like Amazon for the selection of phone cases I’ve found, but I’ll be coming back here to look through the other sites for a wider selection. :D Phone cases, to me, are like another accessory to an outfit and a way to display one’s personality—hence why I want more than just one to choose from. <3
    Liz recently posted…Saturday Six #1My Profile

  7. All the cases you have shown here are truly very cute. This custom cases looks very good on any phone than the normal cases. They give a different look to your phone. I appreciate that you shared this here. Thanks.

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