Hello blog! I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve just been doing a lot of gaming which doesn’t lend to many interesting topics to write about, besides how salty I get at times. Otherwise, life’s good!

So summer’s here. We live in a very old building with no centralized A/C. Last year was very uncomfortable round this time, but we finally purchased a room unit, and it was so worth it. Our small apartment gets really hot whenever we run games because our computers heat up fast. I swear it gets up to a hundred degrees in our bedroom. I’m so happy we can play comfortably now.

Although it’s still too uncomfortable for much else. I wish I could sport cute some hairstyles but it’s just too hot right now. I’ve been in a perpetual sock bun. I don’t have a lot of volume so sock buns make a huge difference when I put my hair up!

92 in May

Full body shot, standing in front of a brick wall

This was taken weeks ago when it was still May (welp) and it was already 92°F (33°C). Some nice winds but over all very humid and sticky. On the bright side, I finally got to wear this vintage skirt I purchased from Depop! The fabric feels great and it come with a slip sewn in. I paid $12 for it. What a steal! I can’t help but feel like they don’t make clothes like they used to. I wonder how much this skirt was at its time.

Same angle as above

Ballet flats aren’t trendy anymore, but I really like this green pair. I put it on when I’m feeling lazy with my polka dot jeans and a cute blouse. It looks so much more put together than just regular jeans and a t-shirt.

Outfit Details

Another Old Favorite

Leaning against an outside table

Here’s a dress I’ve owned for many, many years. I bought it from a very sweet lady at a small boutique in Vegas. I don’t wear it very much because it’s special to me. I was a broke college student who didn’t have a full wardrobe, so I liked to save this dress for occasions, but I now realize that’s silly because I end up donning it very rarely. I’ve resolved to start wearing it more, especially when I have better special occasion dresses now!

Standing in a dorm garden

I paired my dress with one of my favorite flats. They’re so comfortable and I can walk on these for miles. I almost never wear heels anymore because I simply don’t find them practical. As a result, my collection of cute but comfortable shoes have grown. I only have heels for formal events now. I don’t think chucking heels have hurt my style at all, and I’m pretty happy with wear I am now, and so are my feet!

Another angle of me leaning against the table

Fun fact: I’m wearing fashion tape on my sleeves. They elastics have become a little loose since this dress is pretty old. Had to slap tape on my shoulders, and it works marvelously. No worries about sleeves or my bra straps slipping!

Outfit Details

  • Dress purchased from an Indian boutique
  • Skechers walking shoes
  • Kenox backpack
  • Bracelet from Wantable (click for my referral code!)


  1. Pretty! That sock bun looks cute on you! And yeah 92 in May? Aghhhhh. I’m already wanting winter.

    That skirt looks great for $12! And it suits you well. That with the ballet flats make a nice combination :3

    I’m really like that Skechers walking shoes. It looks so chic! ^^
    Tara recently posted…Recent Realities Vol. 1My Profile

  2. Man, I can only imagine how hard it was to stay at home when it’s too hot! We’re lucky we’re at work when it gets hot in the apartment, and we’re usually out on weekends. Glad to know you’re doing well!
    Jae recently posted…Travel Diary: Riverfront ParkMy Profile

    1. I only run the A/C at night when Mike is home too, and I just use a fan in the daytime. It’s survivable but I still don’t like the heat! @_@ Otherwise, working at home still rocks hahaha!

  3. An A/C unit is one of the best investments to make, especially for those hot summer days! $12 for that cute skirt is definitely a deal! Your flats are cute! I have one pair of flats left, but it’s a bit too loose on me XD.

    I know what you mean about those dresses reserved for special occasions (when it was bought during those broke college days). I had a bunch of those, but turned it into a regular occasion dress at this point. I thought I was the only one who used tape XD. Keep on rocking those outfits!

    1. You always have the best dresses. <3 I demand more OOTDs! XD

      Tape is the best fashion hack I've learned! Some fitting issues just can't be solved without some extensive tailoring!

  4. Loving your black and white dress. Really looks new despite of its age XD. I like how you paired it with a skechers totally got the chic look. i’m sorry about your A/C. I hope you the weather slows down because I remember the summer days being the most stressful one lol
    Jean recently posted…My Favorite Things: June 2016My Profile

  5. You look very well put together and all the outfits look so comfortable. I love the comfort and style. The heat has been crazy here too. In the 100’s for almost 26 days straight! It’s cooler inside but I can understand how uncomfortable it is. I too have been living in a bun. I adore your shoes. You got some great deals on clothes. Try to keep cool. :) By the way, I hope you don’t mind I link your site. :)

    1. Oh no, that’s really hot! @_@ I don’t even wanna know how bad it is in Vegas right now hahaha! Stay cool and hydrated! Summer is tough in the desert.

  6. haha, I know what you mean about the computers. When we lived in an apartment, we put both of our computers in our bedroom, and it was always hotter than anywhere else in the place.

    Love the skirt and the black and white dress! I really, really like how the pattern on the dress is, and you look so good in it :D The ballet flats are cute too, and I like how the color contrasts with the outfit. I’m a big fan of comfortable shoes as well. Most of mine are sandals, slip ons, or sneakers now!
    Cat recently posted…I am an adult, therefore…My Profile

  7. I love the dress that you’re wearing on the two last photos. :) It looks comfy and chic!!
    The heat and humidity here (from where I live) is crazy too!
    Oh, and I’ve heard of fashion tapes before, too bad I can’t find those in my local department stores or clothing stores. Good thing you posted a link about it. :)

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