I’ve been gaming a lot lately, much more than usual! I normally only play for a few hours a week, but if I get sucked into a game, new or old, I can sink weeks into it. Usually it’s only one game, but I’ve been divvying up my free time over several games.

I’ve also made a lot of friends in-game over the last few weeks which has made playing much more enjoyable. I usually get several invites each time I log on Overwatch, both a blessing and a curse. Communicating with teammates makes matches a lot more fun, but I also feel the need to do well. Sometimes, I just wanna try new heroes and feel allowed to suck with them for a while. XD Much more of a blessing though! I wouldn’t trade my gaming buddies for the lonely solo queue.

However, I’ve also been playing a lot of single-player RPGs. They’re my favorite genre after all. XD I boot them up when I feel like keeping to myself for a bit. Multiplayer can get so stressful. :’D Here are a few games I’ve been playing lately!

World of Warcraft


That’s right, y’all. I’m back in Azeroth! I once wrote a post about my old WoW days, but hey, I don’t believe in staying nostalgic when you can do something about it. So there I am again. Granted, it’s nowhere near the same as my old guildies are still long gone, and my current guild isn’t close-knit at all. Apparently, padding member numbers are a thing now. ._.

I’m a lot more casual this time around. I’m not interested in progression raiding and instead I’ve been collecting legacy mounts and titles. I’m only really into the Lich King content which was the latest expansion at the time I played. Just goes to show how powerful nostalgia is! I’m having tons of fun replaying the instances and farming achievements I couldn’t do before.

Fallout 4 DLCs

Fallout 4 ending screenshot

I pre-purchased Fallout 4‘s season pass, but I haven’t played it much until now. I had just finished Automatron and I’m now starting Far Harbor. Really liking the setting for the latter! Can’t wait for Nuka World!

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley intro

At Kalliste‘s insistence, I started Stardew Valley! My first impression is it’s a LOT like Harvest Moon. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it because the beginning is so, so similar. I felt like I could’ve just played HM? But I am keeping an open mind, and years of Harvest Moon experience meant that I plowed through this game with ease. I knew exactly what to do. XD I’m gonna be filthy rich.

Overwatch Summer Games

Selecao skin for Lucio

Overwatch had a Summer Games event to coincide with the Olympics! I’m not good at Lucioball at all. @_@ The highlight for me are the special skins and emotes. I got the Selecao skin for Lucio so I’m happy overall! I’m still hoping I can get a skin for Zarya and the gymnastic emote for Symmetra, but since tonight’s the last night of the event, I very much doubt it.

But no matter, I’m still having tons of fun playing! My friends and I stream every now and then, so if you don’t mind watching my bad to mediocre plays, you can follow my Twitch channel!

What are you playing?


  1. Haha! I love Overwatch. I got it at the beginning of the month. It’s my first? FPS, so I’m not good (even though I try) and I only queue by myself. I’m getting better, though. I like experimenting with some of the different characters. I’m trying to figure out which ones should be my mains (perhaps D.Va, Mercy, Symmetra, Tracer, and Lucio/Widowmaker/Zarya). I can’t play more than one game at once and probably shouldn’t be playing any at all, but Overwatch has my focus and I was desperate to earn D.Va’s summer skin.

    1. GURL WHAT IS YOUR BATTLETAG?? I’m always looking for people to play with. :D

      I play a lot of Lucio, D.Va, Tracer, and Soldier 76! They’re my go-to heroes in ranked, but lately I’ve been trying to get good with Zenyatta. It’s been rough coz my aim with him isn’t that great. :’D I wanted the Zarya summer games skin sooo badly but I never got it. :(

  2. Do you use Teamspeak when you’re chatting with your teammates in games? I just got into it and it helps with perfect synchronization!

    AhhHHH! World of Warcraft is an awesome game! I think Lich King is the best expansion of them all… Stardew Valley looks like a cute game. Gotta check it out! I still need to check out Overwatch!

    I’m currently playing Skyforge. I’m hooked to that game!

    1. We use Discord! Voice chat really helps with coordination. :D Overwatch has a good built-in voice chat too so we also use that.

  3. Oh wow, it’s been a long time since I last played any video game and these games you mentioned are all looking great!

    Stardew Valley looks really cute! I looked at the game’s website and it does sound a lot like Harvest Moon, but for some reason I want to try playing this! :P
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  4. Long ago I used to play World Of Warcraft, but it’s been awhile. I’ve not played the others but they look like something I’d really enjoy. RPGs are a lot of fun, but yes, stressful. I would probably enjoy playing them as a single player. :)
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  5. Hi Raisa, web developers unite! Came by your site via Olivia’s (Liv) site. Seems you two are both posting about games. It’s interesting to read, though I’m not a gamer. I do enjoy playing games at gatherings though, such as board games and card games. Someone once made a comment that there’s a correlation between gamers and coders. I see you were raised in the Philippines. I’m going there for the first time this summer and flying tomorrow! My boyfriend is half Filipino as is my current roommate. Hope we can be blogging friends!

    1. Hi Sue, it’s great to meet you! I’d love to be blogging friends. :D Funny enough, I’m not that great at board games but I definitely enjoy playing them with my friends (I just keep low expectations for myself LOL). I hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines! Which month are you going? Hope the monsoon season doesn’t catch you. Oh and enjoy all the food!! That’s what I miss the most.

  6. I don’t play a lot of video games anymore because I don’t have a computer that can do so :'(
    But I want to download Stardew Valley! My BF plays it and enjoys it but it’s funny because he’s focused on the farming aspect of it and completely ignores being social with the NPCs in the game lol so whenever the dance comes around… he never has a partner. I’ve actually been playing a lot of Pokemon lately…

    1. Haha I’m kind of the same! I’m only really concerned about my farm and my targeted bachelor lololol. You should be able to run it fine on whatever computer you have since it’s a pretty light game!

  7. I’m opposite in multiplayer games! When I solo queue, I feel like I have to do well, so people don’t think I suck. When I play with friends, they already know how I play, so I feel like I don’t need to prove myself. I can try something new and they’ll cover for my terribleness while I learn, haha.

    I know a lot of people who got back into WoW to prepare for the new expansion! If I ever went back, I’d probably want to be more casual too. Raiding can be kind of stressful, and I enjoyed other parts of the game more, especially the PvP battlegrounds.

    I haven’t played Stardew Valley, but it looked a lot like Harvest Moon to me too. I was a little confused on how it got so popular all of a sudden!

    Lately, I haven’t been playing much, which I need to change. I need to find a single player game to really get into. I’ve been playing the newest Kirby game though and a bunch of couch games when we hold game nights.
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    1. Haha I feel like I can make more mistakes with friends since pugs can get so toxic anyway. If they’re not blaming me (the healer usually), they blame someone else instead of thinking about improving themselves. >_< I've been leveling my main in the new WoW expansion but I'm still much more interested in farming old content! XD

  8. Ok, if I wasn’t so busy with college, I would definitely try and get into some of these, especially WoW (which I’ve heard great things about).

    The closest I ever got to hardcore gaming was about 3 years ago. I downloaded Steam when I complained to my friend (a hardcore gamer) how bored I was. I got into mabinogi briefly but that’s about it.

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    1. School is much more important, so definitely focus on that! XD Gaming can be a time sink. I’ve never heard of Mabinogi before but it looks cute!

  9. “if I get sucked into a game, new or old, I can sink weeks into it” – this is me with bioshock trilogy. i haven’t been playing them again for months now…hm, i should replay them. again. for the nth time :))

    single players ftw! i love single player RPGs. co-op is fun but when you team up with strangers, things can get really messy and them boys be like “you fcking n00B! djkehfwlk f you” and i’m like “chill your donkey ass (heh, a pun), m8. i just wanna have fun” honestly, pfft.. i’ve come across such people when i play the division.

    ah, speaking of fallout 4…are you surprised if i said i haven’t even finished the main game lmao. i got distracted and now i play the division EVERY DAY like i don’t have other games to play with.
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    1. Ahaha Fallout 4 is always gonna be there! Yeah, Overwatch has its share of toxic players which can get pretty annoying. Maybe if you didn’t keep rushing in all by yourself, leaving me and the tank behind, then I can heal you…

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