Quick fashion post! By the time this publishes, I’ll be in Philly on important business. So excited to be back in the city. I’m gonna eat all the food and do all the shopping!

I honestly wish I can take all the awesome things about every place I’ve lived in and put them all in once place. It’s gonna be a utopia of awesome malls from Makati, the gorgeous mountains of Vegas, the infinite career opportunities of Philly, the invigorating beaches of Subic, and the beautiful scenery of Lehigh Valley. If I was a multi-billionaire, I would totally build that city. We’ll all live in it. XD

Birthday Looks

Gap dress, Shoedazzle sandals1

Here’s my birthday outfit from a few weeks ago! Yellow was my favorite color as a kid, but nowadays I’m more partial to turquoise and mint. Still, I can’t resist a yellow sundress. I wanna collect them all. Sadly, I lack the impulse or the closet space. :P

Gap dress, Shoedazzle sandals

I’ve owned this dress for a while (worn here) but it doesn’t quite fit me right. It’s my partially own fault because the sizing chart when I ordered this online confused me, and I ended up sizing up. The straps were too loose, although everything else fit fine. I went to a tailor to get them taken in, and they’re so much better now. I still feel like I could take the straps in more so I’ll probably be making another stop. Tailoring is so worth it for clothes you love. Fit is such an important aspect of fashion.

Back shot of me

Oh, and my birthday was great! We had a lovely dinner and I got to eat my favorite warm cookie skillet. Then I spent the rest of the night gaming. XD What more can you ask for?

Outfit Details

Stripes Twinning

Depop dress, Adidas shoes

Trying to be cool and edgy but can’t keep a straight face in front of the camera. :’) I wore this on a hot Saturday night date~ By hot, I mean it was a hot day. We remedied ourselves with some really good ice cream. And then a thunderstorm hit while we were still in the ice cream parlor! @_@ We saw a lot of serious lightning just a few miles away. I was worried we’d have another wide outage, but thankfully that didn’t happen and we got home safely.

Depop dress, Adidas shoes

Mara sent me a snap the day I wore this. We both unknowingly wore the same thing, black striped dress in large black glasses. LOLOLOL closet twins!! XD Love that feel when you and your friend have great taste.


I posted this selfie on Twitter to compare a year’s worth of hair growth since it was almost a year since I got my bob. It didn’t grow out very much but that’s to be expected from all the bleaching and coloring I’ve done. I’m getting pretty tired of touching up my roots, so I’ll be going back to my natural color soon. My hair really needs the break.

Outfit Details

  • Striped tank dress purchased from Depop
  • Adidas Superstar shoes
  • Kenox backpack
  • Bracelet from Wantable (click for my referral code!)
  • Choker from a local jewelry boutique (they don’t have a website? >_<)


  1. yellow looks really good on you :D
    i don’t like yellow though so i don’t really have yellow clothing even though my mom likes it when i wear yellow. turquoise and mint and those greenish-blue are really lovely colors!

    dude, if that’s your one year of hair growth, it’s better than mine. mine doesn’t seem to grow at all! it stays past-my-shoulder at medium length…i really want long hair again :(
    Alice B recently posted…ReboxingMy Profile

  2. I need to pay attention to the mountains in Vegas the next time I go! I love all your dresses! They’re cute and are on the classy side :). Fit and flare dresses are the best!! Whether your hair is red, blonde, or natural brown, they all look great on you ;)

  3. Yellow was my favorite color as a kid, too! From there, I graduated to lime green and other neon colors. Now, I’m really into turquoise. I had a thing for a bright orange a while back, but not so much anymore.

    I laughed when I got to the part where you noted that the local shop doesn’t have a website. 😅 I always get a little annoyed when shops don’t have sites because I like to link to things. 😜
    Liz recently posted…MercuryMy Profile

  4. Ahhh! Your birthday outfit is so pretty and classy! The outfit reminds me of something from the 50s :D

    That warm cookie skillet sounds so good. I’d never heard of it, but YUM.

    I love your long hair! It really suits you well :D
    Tara recently posted…Timeless Thoughts: Lisa FrankMy Profile

  5. I absolutely adore that yellow dress, it’s just so happy and cute. :D I really like the ‘edgy’ look too.

    It can be difficult when you bleach hair too much. It certainly feels it after a while and have to give it a rest to recover. Hopefully one day in the future we can make our hair different colours without having to damage it so much!
    Kya recently posted…The Month That Was: August 2016My Profile

  6. Both dresses are cute! I think yellow looks really good on you, and I love that you paired it with that hat. It’s such a bright and summery look! I also like the black choker with the striped dress. I’m glad you had a great birthday :D
    Cat recently posted…Game Recommends – Couch gamesMy Profile

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