Ninety-degree weather, what else is new?

Summer is only really enjoyable indoors or in the evening when the sun is setting. I’ve been trying to get out of the house more (no thanks to gaming for feeding into my hermit habit) and having my dinner outdoors, and it’s a pleasant way to end the day. Can’t handle the humidity otherwise!

At the Speakers’ Dinner

Old Navy dress, Adidas shoes

Here’s what I wore to the speakers’ dinner the night before Wordcamp LV! I’ve owned this eyelet dress for a while, but I haven’t worn it much. I’ve found that it’s perfect for casual work events. :D Easy to wear and doesn’t wrinkle so quickly! It has a built-in slip inside so it’s ideal for getting out of the house in a flash.

Old Navy dress, Adidas shoes

I’m also wearing the heck out of my Adidas. I’ve been thinking of buying a pair of white or cream Keds, but it’s hard to justify when I already own white sneakers and I have plenty of other shoes. I don’t really like to hoard shoes… but it’s nice to have new things hehehe. I haven’t done much shopping lately, which is actually a good thing! I really don’t need new stuff. I don’t need them, I don’t need them…

Selfie of my curled hair

I curled the ends of my hair with a flat iron! I actually struggle with it because my hair is really hard to curl. My hair is hard to style in general. T_T Maybe because my flat iron is nearly eight years old? It still works fine though! It’s a pink Solia, if anyone’s wondering. I can attest to its longevity. I remember wanting a Sedu Revolution sooooo badly when I was still doing hair tutorials, but I had to buy something cheaper. XD I guess it worked out because my Solia is still alive and well!

Outfit Details

Pokemon Hunting!

American Eagle top and jeans

Here’s what I wore hunting for Pokemon! This was a particularly hot day, but all my neighborhood had was Pidgeys. So I went to the mall! To find even more Pidgeys. 8D Someone dropped a lure so I also managed to catch some Weedles and Rattatas. WOOHOO!

American Eagle top and jeans

Off-shoulder tops are so cute! I picked up a couple sometime ago, and I can finally wear them. :D It’s also funny how chokers are back in fashion now. Very 90s! I improvised by using my silver chain necklace lololol. I removed the pendant from the necklace I wore in my Red Hair to Blonde post and clasped it into one of the actual links in the chain. Worked out fine!

Selfie with Snapchat's flower crown filter

Obligatory Snapchat pic! I know Instagram Stories is out, and a few people seem to have moved there, but I’m staying on Snapchat for the flower crown and dog filter. XD I’m sure IG will come up with their own filters soon though. I might just use it to pimp my blog lolololol.

Outfit Details

How’s your summer? Caught any rare Pokemon? I’m doomed to having a hundred Pidgeys. I can practically run my own carrier Pidgey service.


  1. I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses and shorts to let my legs breathe during the summer! I caught a Watortle just yesterday! Hihi It game me a hard time to catch!
    Michelle Bio recently posted…Wish ListMy Profile

  2. You have a very hip clothing style. I love it! :) I adore your Pokémon hunting outfit. My summer has been filled with 100 + degree days, Sims, and getting back into the blogging scene. :) No Pokémon for me. I don’t own a smartphone or apps that I’d be able to go hunting with. Every time someone mentions Pokémon I get more curious. :)
    Ella recently posted…My Favorite Things – August EditionMy Profile

    1. Sims is so much fun!! I really need to play it some more. I’m in the middle of the Legacy Challenge and haven’t been working on it in a long while.

  3. I am loving your outfits! The heat makes me want to wear nothing but tanks and shorts @___@. The dress you wore for the speaker’s dinner is cute! It definitely works for work-casual events! I can’t count how many pidgey’s I caught over the summer. . . But it’s enough to evolve a few Pidgey’s! You guys must have a lot of pidgey nests there XD. I haven’t caught any rare Pokemon yet, but maybe soon enough!

    1. I still haven’t caught any good Pokemon but then again, I haven’t been playing much. :’D Can’t wait for summer to be over, it’s been sooo hot!

  4. As always, you’re looking quite smashing :D I love the black dress! It’s definitely cute for casual function, and it goes well with your white Adidas sneakers.

    Your second outfit is quite bohemian. The off-the-shoulder top looks nice on you, and the design is also easy on the eyes. That pink purse complements your outfit well!

    No Pokemon hunting for me, but I’m dying from the heat and humidity here. Is it autumn yet?
    Tara recently posted…Choosing a Mechanical KeyboardMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Off-the-shoulder tops are sooo cute! Im a little obsessed with them. XD

      I feel you on the heat. Autumn needs to come sooner!

  5. I agree, it’s so tough to go outside in the summer during the day! I love the eyelet dress and how it looks both casual and dressy :D I also really like the pattern on your off-shoulder top, and the pink shoes and purse are cute!

    My neighborhood doesn’t have good Pokemon either, and there are no spawns near my house. The great thing about Pidgeys is that they’re easy to evolve for more XP at least :D I just caught a Snorlax today while grocery shopping, which I’m super happy about. I also managed to find some rare Pokemon in Japan that I hadn’t seen in my city!
    Cat recently posted…Japan 2016, part 0My Profile

  6. After playing with Pokemon GO for a couple of months, and the newest updates with the tracker, I found myself not really loving the game as much. I know they recently updated the tracker again, so I’ll have to give it a shot– but it was fun for the most part! I caught some really nice, rare Pokemon and maybe when I head back down to other places, I’ll pull out the app and start playing again but it’s ehhh. But that pink purse is adorable! Thanks for the find :) I like the website, so I’ll check it out more.

    1. No problem! I love Spreepicky! I just placed a huge order with them :’D

      I’m a little sad that I didn’t get as into Pokemon Go as everyone else, but it’s a little hard since my neighborhood is pretty quiet so I can’t catch very much.

  7. my hair can’t stand curls either even though i’ve sprayed volumizing spray after i curled them with a flatiron… a few hours later they’ll just lose that curl and go back to being kinda-sorta-straight. i wonder if it’s because i did loose, beachy waves kind of curls instead of a hard curl ones…if you know what i mean. then again i either like wearing my hair straight or in loose beachy waves curl.

    i love what you wore for dinner! it’s something i would wear too. i’m thinking of buying a white nike but meh, idk…it’s a pricey crap. i feel like a pair of 100% white sneakers / shoes is something i need for at least one pair :))

    i’ve been hunting pokemon every time i get the chance to go out, especially during car rides. it’s hard to find good pokemon in my country. i can’t even really level up my charmander, let alone my dratini because they’re so rare to find. it’s always pidgey and ratata everywhere! my highest pokemons are only golbat, pidgeot and slowpoke….at 300-something CP. *sobs* i’m such a loser lol #TeamMystic
    Alice B recently posted…MFT August 2016My Profile

    1. My curls last a lot longer with a curling iron. :D I think it’s also because my hair is so damaged from all the bleaching, it just doesn’t take styling the way it used to. >< White sneakers go well with a lot of clothes! You can probaby find a cheaper pair if you don't feel like splurging. I bought my Adidas as a treat to myself a long time ago. XD

      Yessss #TeamMystic!!

  8. I was debating on getting the Keds Triple Champions or whatever they’re called! But, I’m the same way, I can’t really justify getting another pair of white sneakers. XP

    Your Pokemon hunting outfit is so cute! We’ve got tons of Drowzees here, Pidgeys here and there. Someone made a parody song of the Alaskan anthem/flag song to say, “8 stars of Drowzees in a field of Blue, Drowzee land is all it is to you…” or something haha

    1. Those Keds look super cute! I don’t need new shoes right now though, but I might save for it anyway. ._.

      Haha it’s Pidgeys and Weedles in my area! Lolol fml.

  9. AHH I love your new hair! It’s so elegant and cute at the same time! I love both your outfits! The off-shoulder top is so cute! I also noticed that pink purse! :P

    Come to New York, you will catch lots of Psyducks and Magikarps and there are 5 Pokestops every block. You might have to bring out the sundresses though, because last weekend when it was super hot I was wearing practically what I was wearing on my trip to Mexico!
    Liv recently posted…AgithaHime Diaries: Indie HalftimeMy Profile

  10. I keep seeing people getting so annoyed with Pidgeys 😂 From what I’ve gathered, they’re a common Pokemon?

    Anyway, i love the dress in the first outfit and the top in the second. I totally dig the side-shoulder tops and tops with an open shoulder. 😊
    Liz recently posted…Saturday Six #1My Profile

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