Flying throught the sky on the Hearthsteed

It’s been four months since I renewed my World of Warcraft subscription. Being absent for six years meant I had a lot to catch up on, and indeed the game has changed a lot while I was gone. For the better, I believe.

I don’t have the free time nor level of commitment I did the last time I played back in Wrath of the Lich King in 2010, but Legion remains a lot of fun to play. The game’s barrier to entry has been lowered a lot for new and casual players. Here are a few things I noticed about WoW since I’ve returned.

The Emerald Dream

Significant Rise in Quality

I noticed a stark improvement in graphics and gameplay the moment I reached the Mists of Pandaria expansion. It ended up being my favorite one as the quests were engaging and the Jade Forest was simply a beautiful zone. This trend continues up until Legion where quests in a zone are a lot more cohesive.

I have the Storyline add-on to also make the questing experience more immersive. It makes a huge difference in my enjoyment and brought back the RPG in MMORPG. :D

More Content for a Variety of Players

With twelve years under WoW’s belt, the amount of content just keeps growing and growing. That means end-game raiding isn’t the only way to make the most out of your subscription! You can collect mounts, chase achievements, or simply keep leveling new characters. There are so many new zones. You won’t go dry on content anytime soon if you’re just starting out. You can even do pet battles if that’s your thing. Yes, it’s just like Pokemon. :P

Easier Gameplay Overall

Leveling is easier. Gearing up is easier. Even raiding is so much easier now. If you’re unable to commit to a raiding schedule, you can simply queue up on the Raid Finder and it functions like queueing for dungeons. The difficulty is tuned down by a lot (think of it as easy level), and you can still get gear with a chance for titanforges. The drawback for this is you’re essentially at the mercy of RNG, but I think it’s still much easier than how gearing up was in Wrath.

Achievement rewards and mounts are now account-bound which means you only need to get them once, and they’ll be available on all your toons. It’s so convenient! I remember my friend being mad that she got her Kingslayer title on her Paladin alt before her Rogue main. That won’t be a problem anymore. :D

Selfie taken in WoW
Obligatory selfie with my big strong Tauren husband XD

Fun Toys and Transmogs

Toys and gear transmogrification weren’t around back when I played, and I’m really enjoying them this time around! You can change the way your equipment looks so you can maintain a certain aesthetic. Yesss WoW OOTDs! XD The toys are also super fun. I have a selfie camera because of course. ;) I even have a photobomber to accompany me sometimes, and of course the rainbow generator!

That’s it for my quick thoughts on WoW. I have a few more posts I’d like to write about it. I definitely want to make a post dedicated to my toons! At the moment, I have two characters on max level, an arcane mage and a holy priest, plus a handful of other alts so I can try out different classes. Needless to say, I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’m not an exceptional player by any means. I’m mostly on the casual side, but I’m content with where I’m at. Collect all the mounts and transmogs! XD


  1. I remember my roommate playing WOW all through college. The graphics look so much better than when I saw him play it. I’m a bit surprised at the game’s longevity. I feel like it’s been around for as long as I can remember.

  2. She lives! :D

    Seriously, though, I’m glad you’re enjoying WoW after a long break! That is long break, so there’s definitely a lot to catch up on. Glad the gaming experiences has become better for you! It’s great when the game becomes immersive. Reading this post makes me miss all those fun RPG-filled days of my teen years . . .

    I had to laugh at the Pokemon comment XD Pokemon WoW? Who would have thought!

  3. I started playing WoW for the first time this summer. I had tried it before, but only for very brief sessions, so this is the first time I’ve actually put some real time and effort into it.
    As a long time Guild Wars 2 player I’m having a hard time adjusting to the static combat and how difficult it is to customise your character (in GW2 you can, for example, do transmogs and change item colours directly from your character window) but WoW has many other qualities that keep me interested. I realise what you mean about the game being so old and having near endless amounts of content, I’ll probably never run out of things to do and see. And I love having mounts, not to mention FLYING mounts! Omg, I can spend hours just flying around looking at things :D I’m definitely going full Pokemon with this – my action bars will soon have more mounts and pets than skills and potions, haha!

    The storyline add-on sounds really interesting, I have to try it myself. And do write more about your adventures in WoW! I for one would love to hear about your characters :)

    1. Ahh, I’ve been wanting to play Guild Wars 2 for a while now! I just need to bite the bullet and buy a copy. WoW’s taking up a lot of my game time right now. :’D

  4. This looks amazing. Six years is a long time, and of course they added new features. Now you have the tme to discover everything new in this game and enjoy it, since the Holidays are coming, you have plenty of time to play it. I never played this game and unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to play it soon, or any game, because my computer is really old and I can only use it for reading, watching movies and working on my website (even Photoshop makes it slow down).

    Have fun and take care <3
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  5. I have tried WoW on several occasions, but I never got hooked at all. I was a true EQ-lover back when I played MMO’s, but in my opinion all games after that have been to easy and kind. Deaths are no problem, and Bosses are too mechanical I think.
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