There, I said it. The last quarter of the year in particular have been rough for many reasons that I’d rather not go through, but if you’ve been wondering why this blog has been quiet, that’s pretty much why.

But it’s okay (mostly). Life is full of ups and downs, and this isn’t the worst low I’ve had. I’m not feeling particularly optimistic right now, but someday I will be again. Until then, I’ll probably keep to myself a little bit longer, pop in and out of this space, and focus on things that keep me sane in this mad world.

All’s not lost, however! There are still plenty of good things that happened this year. While I dread what’s to come, it’s still important to remember what I have and how good I still have it. Count my blessings and all.

This year, I…

Special shout-out to all the gaming friends I made in Discord! They’ve been so sweet and supported despite all my salty rants lol. <3

Did I complete my New Year’s resolutions?

Paraphrasing what I said last year:

Buy a sewing machine. Do the 30-Day Shred. Grow out my hair.

I’ve only followed through with one of those things. /o/ I grew my hair out! I also did the 30-Day Shred consistently up until I started getting terrible foot pain. I had to stop because of that, but the bright side is I continued worked out for the rest of the year. ^_^ I eased up during the holidays, but I’m ready to get back at it!

I haven’t bought a sewing machine yet. T_T

Six Selfies

I started off this year with short blonde hair, which I dyed dark brown when I start growing it out. Ultimately, I got tired of having to do my roots, and I also wanted to give my hair a break, so I dyed it back to black a few months ago. Admittedly, I haven’t been taking many selfies lately, but the last one is from a week ago when I vacationed in Vegas for Christmas.

Four Favorite Outfits

I also haven’t been taking outfit pictures recently. >_< Just haven't been in the mood, but I'll try to get back on track soon. I do like to look back at some of the looks I put together. XD I just need some inspiration, I think!

One Favorite Picture

Double rainbow!

Double rainbow all the way across the sky, yeaaaah~~

Goals for 2017

Just one: be okay again.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017! Seems like a lot to hope for, but so long as we stick together, anything’s possible! Thank you so much for all the love and support you have all given me. I really appreciate and I hope to see more of you all next year. I read somewhere that life isn’t a novel; it’s a series of short stories. While this present short story might not be that great, there’s always the next one to look forward to.

Signing off 2016 with love always,

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  1. 2016 did suck balls. Thank you for pointing that out XD I would like to forget 2016 for many reasons . . .

    I love seeing your 2016 review like this :) Love the selfies chronicling your hair evolution and your favourite outfits! Your long hair, especially, look awesome :)

    I hope you’ll have a much better 2017! You can get that sewing machine this year, hahaha :D Here’s to a great year of accomplishments, gaming, and other fun things <3

  2. *a million hugs*

    I am sorry that things are not the greatest right now. :( I hope that everything will improve. Sometimes you just have to take time. Put everything aside and focus on yourself and healing. If you ever feel that you need someone to listen, I am here. <3

  3. *hugs!* BB, just know that you have me to vent to whenever you need someone; I’ll be hear to listen. <3 I understand why it's pretty quiet here on on your blog, though. That's okay! You have to do what is necessary to keep yourself sane and afloat. 2017 will be better for you and your positive attitude goes a long way. Keep up the good fight, love.

    I'm excited to see what your hair style and OOTD is going to be like throughout 2017 because I'm sure you are gonna rock it.

    Happy New Year, bb! <3 I'm wishing for happier days ahead for you and of course, an even better short story waiting to unfold in 2017. Please send my regards to your hubby.
    TinyMay recently posted…2016: The Year of TransitionMy Profile

  4. Awww, I love how you ended this post. I totally agree with you about the last bit of 2016, but I am hopeful that we can all get through this together! :)
    Shayne recently posted…On 2016My Profile

  5. (Still not over how gorgeous that chocolate brown hair colour is btw). It’s funny reading through your summary because I kept going, “Oh yeah, I remember this outfit” or “I remember that post!”. I love seeing you put out all the things you have to share -I’ve always loved it, and I’m sure I always will so I’m really looking forward to seeing you succeed in 2017! Thank you for everything, and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. I’m sorry to hear that 2016 wasn’t the best year for you. Hope 2017 will be a better one :). I loved seeing the changes you’ve done to your hair over the months and the cute outfits you wore!

    I wish you the best this year ♥. Anything is possible :)
    Nancy recently posted…New Domain!My Profile

  7. i tried overwatch when it was free for a few days. it was fun and i understand why people are addicted. i was debating between buying it or not but i end up not buying it because i feel like i’ll get bored of it fast (and i don’t have lots of real life friends to play with….except my boyfriend, lol. i’m a lonely single player kind of gamer)

    i love your black and dark brown (second row, middle photo) hair color most! i think it makes you look a lot fresher :’D

    i also hope i can be okay again this year too, hm :\

    p.s: my blog has moved btw (from box.theaugustchild.net to mlkbox.com) #justsaying
    Elisa / Alice B recently posted…5 Coming Of Age Films To WatchMy Profile

  8. Happy New Year!

    I’m sorry that you’ve been having a tough time lately. I was in the same position last year and I will say that as long as you’re determined to get out of whatever rut you’re in, you’ll get out.

    I’m glad that you were still able to come up with some positive things that happened in 2016. I love your hair and outfits!

    Hang in there! Sending positive vibes!
    Cassidy recently posted…Far Over the Misty Mountains…My Profile

  9. Sorry to hear that 2016 was a rough year for you :( I’m glad there are good things that you can look back on though! Even if you didn’t do the 30-day shred, I think working out the rest of the year is an awesome achievement!

    I remember these outfits too! I still love that yellow dress. It looks so summery and cute on you :)

    I really like your goal for 2017, and I hope it happens for you. I’m wishing you the best!

  10. Hi Raisa, I’ve been trekking around everyone’s blogs as I too have been AWOL for so many months, and I need to catch up and keep in touch. :)

    You’re not the only one who had a lousy year called 2016. I’ve had a lot of struggles and issues (outside the net) during the last few months of the year and other unmentionables, but the only thing that we all could do now is to move forward and make 2017 a much better year to our own abilities. Other than that, thank you for sharing the good of the previous year. As they say, in every bad, there’s always something good, or something along those lines.

    Good vibes always, as we Pinoys always say, so let’s look forward to them. :)

  11. I’m sorry to hear that 2016 wasn’t a very good year for you. I hope 2017 will be much, much better! :)

    You did lots of things with your hair last year, wow! I love how your look changed throughout the year and you look really good in your selfies! I wish I could be more adventurous with my hair color choices (I’ve only ever tried dying my hair dark brown), but I get what you mean about being lazy to have it re-colored once it grows out. Haha!
    Claudine recently posted…Life Songs: OnceMy Profile

  12. 2016 definitely sucked balls and lots of them. I’m sorry to hear yours didn’t go well, either, ’cause mine was definitely a shit show as well.

    I seeeee you play WoW!! I checked out your WoW blog as well, it’s pretty spiffy :3 I love when people have gaming blogs specifically for their gaming interests like that :D That’s so cool to me ^_^

    But yeah, I hope your 2017 brings you much more positivity and happiness. 2016 was a drag!
    Sam recently posted…People You May Know (Triggering)My Profile

  13. I’m sorry that things are not going that well but I hope everything is working out well by now. I guess we just have to accept that there will be bad days but you know it’s only a bad day not a bad life. I love all your OOTDs. My favorite was the second picture. You’re totally rocking it!

    All the best!
    JeaniebeansPH Diary |

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