This is my first post of the year, in April. How is everyone doing? I always meant to write sooner. I had it in my mind that I would come back with something meaningful about my hiatus, yet I had nothing. The truth is, I just needed a break.

Every so often, I felt a tinge of guilt for not posting anything here, which is silly because blogging isn’t a job. The thing I felt worse about is not keeping up with my blogging friends. I still follow everyone on Twitter, and that’s how I kept up with everyone, but it’s not quite the same.

I checked my Feedly which I hadn’t touched in months, saw everyone’s posts, and I felt like I had so much to tell them. That’s when I knew I was ready to come back. It was a while, but I really needed that break. Now I feel refreshed!

So what have I been up to? Sadly, nothing too out of the ordinary. I went to Vegas for Christmas, got a new job (signed an NDA lolz), and that’s really it. Still very much the same kind of life. Working at home, then chilling with my husband when we’re both off. It’s really nice.

The thing about staying home more often though, is that I have a lot more time for games! Though one could argue I might be playing too many games, but you know what? I’m living my best life.

Raid Leading in WoW

Remember when I said I would keep it casual in WoW?, Well, I LIED. I like gear, and raiding gives gear, so off I went. I mostly went with pugs and Openraid events at the beginning, and that went on for a good while. Eventually, my guild wanted to go back to raiding as well. I knew all the fights, so I offered to teach them the strats. And that’s how I became my casual guild’s raid leader. /o/ We recently cleared heroic Nighthold which is not a bad place to be.

Raid leading is probably the most serious position I’ve ever been in. I’ve never been in charge of this many people at this length of time. It’s certainly taught me a lot. It’s difficult but incredibly rewarding at the same time.

I’m thinking of streaming some of our guild events! :D I streamed a bit our mythic keystone runs a week ago, but turns out my computer can’t handle broadcasting more than medium quality. ;_; It crashes when I try increasing the settings, so I guess that’s my cue to get an updated rig.

An added benefit to streaming is when I watch the playback, I pick up on my mistakes so I know what to do better next time. ^_^ If only for that, I’ll definitely stream more often!

Guild Wars 2 Human Elemantalist

Guild Wars 2

After going through a short burnout on WoW, I was looking for a new MMO to try. I looked up several titles, such as Black Desert Online and Final Fantasy XIV, before eventually choosing Guild Wars 2. And what can I say? I fell in love. Such a fun and refreshing experience. I love how dynamic the leveling experience feels, and there’s no tagging mess either.

The community is also so kind and helpful, at least from what I’ve seen so far. I only play for an hour here and there, so I haven’t gone through all the content yet but I’m having a lot of fun so far. My main is a human Elementalist. I also have a Sylvari Mesmer. :D

Best of all, you can play for free! That was the main reason I gave it a try. XD I had a free account for a while before buying the game (which you need to do for the expansion and some other features), and it didn’t take away from my initial experience. And then when you buy it, you don’t need a monthly subscription! Woooow. *_* BLIZZARD WHEN??

The game being playable for free means it’s much more accessible to people who might be interested. I got a couple of my friends to try it out thanks to the F2P model, and now we get to play together when we can!

Anyway, I highly recommend GW2 if you’re looking into an MMO. My friends and I play on the server Sorrow’s Furnace. Come by and say hi!

Mass Effect Andromeda prologue screenshot

Mass Effect: Andromeda

A week before Mass Effect: Andromeda released, I told myself I would hold off for a bit because I’d just purchased GW2. Two hours before launch, I was installing it on Origin. Oops! I’ve been taking my time playing it since I’ve been pre-occupied with MMOS. But I like it a lot so far! My main gripe in the beginning was the wonky animations, but there’s since been a patch that greatly improved them, so I have no other complaints. I haven’t played it enough to form a real opinion. I’ll probably write a short review when I do.

That’s it for what I’ve been up to lately! Hoping to blog more often, but it will probably be about gaming. XD


  1. Hey girlfriend! I’ve missed you. <3 I don't play any video games, but I've watch a couple of streams on youtube. I actually like watching streams, even if I'm not a gamer at all. Also, you do you, girl! If that means gaming and blogging about gaming, I'll still be here reading. :D
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    1. I also love watching gaming streams! :D It’s nice to live vicariously sometimes LOL, coz I like to watch players waaaay better than me. XD


    hi, it’s alice from tiny milk box. i have moved and now i’m using my real name.

    ok, next.

    i knew it! i knew i’d be seeing Andromeda here! aaargh, our mutual love for mass effect series TTvTT i haven’t been gaming a lot but i AM playing andromeda too. i haven’t gotten very far though and maybe your progress is much further than mine. i’m still in havaal and i still don’t know who to romance – my best bet would be vetra nyx because she’s the only cool one imo. it’s annoying how bioware only put effort in romance scenes for THREE characters. i don’t wanna spoil shiz but ugh, seriously. we need to talk about that crappy part later. and yes, damn wonky animations! i don’t have any complaints for the story….yet, hopefully as it gets better as i progress through. i just wish it’s as good as Inquisition because Inquisition’s plot is just *thumbs up*
    also, speaking of Inquisition… when i saw this rift at the prologue part of andromeda, i couldn’t help myself and i said, “if only the Inquisitor is here to close the bloody breach!” :P

    argh, can’t wait to hear more about your gaming posts and of course, a thorough review about Andromeda.
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  3. It’s wonderful to see a new blog post. I missed reading your posts, but at the same time, I can completely understand needing to have a break and focus on things that matter the most to you. :)

    That’s great you have been going so well with the gaming and helping so many people. It would be annoying that you can’t broadcast without it crashing. :( I am sure with getting to more advanced levels that many people would be interested in watching!

    1. Aww, thanks Kya. I missed blogging! I’m a painfully average player, but it’s still fun to stream for myself. :D

  4. WELCOME BAAAAAAACK! :D Nothing wrong with taking a break, yo! I’m just glad you’re back and you’re feeling refreshed! I’m envious that you can work at home. I hope to have a job like that one day XD It’s great you have time for gaming, though! It’s something you love to do, so don’t feel like you’re gaming too much! There are far worse things to do too much of XD

  5. Hey, stranger! Your name came up when Shayne and I talked about my recent move [back] to WordPress. How have you been?? By the way, did you get my little Christmas greeting card??

    I hope you’re doing great!

  6. Welcome back! XD

    Ah games. I haven’t touched WoW for YEARS. Mostly cause I’m too cheap to pay right now. I wish more games just charged you for the game and none of the subscription stuff! Thats what does you in!

    1. Guild Wars 2 would be right up your alley! You just buy the game, no subs required. :D I do make enough gold to buy tokens for WoW now! Although lately I’ve been using it to buy mounts. :’D

  7. I love how you write your posts. Very relatable and you tell it how it is. You say what you feel, are very honest, and I love it. I may have to reconsider how I write my blog. I’m not a robot, but my blog feels like it and that’s probably why I’m blogging to the crickets.

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