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Sup, my name is Raisa. I’m a front end developer born and raised in the Philippines, now living in the US. I’m a Leo, an INFJ, born on the Year of the Dragon, and I don’t actually believe in those things. But they’re fun to mess with!

In my spare time, I like to play video games, make Tumblr themes, write half-baked apps, and cry about my Sims. I also tweet a lot. My inbox is always open for video game headcanons.

I’ve been blogging and creating websites since 2001 at 13 years old. My very first webpage was about Card Captor Sakura. It wasn’t very good.


But don’t take my word for it! Check out testimonials from these top-rated reviewers:

…clearly a witch.

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She [is] a trashy one.

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…wrenches your heart in the cutest possible way.

Mara, Mother-goddess of love

Most fashionable gamer and webdevdesigner around!

Tara, lovely blog friend

[Her] PR package should say About Raisa: Low funds, needs games, will blog for said games.

Shayne, on my willingness to shill for pixels


Little Town is my personal blog, where I write about anything and everything that’s been occupying me. I’m not aiming to be a brand unless that brand is useless weeaboo trash. This blog is powered by WordPress and hosted by A Small Orange.

The current theme is named Seasons, built with Bones, Sass, and Grunt. You can view all my previous themes.

I could not be the blogger I am today without the following plugins:

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I use Font Awesome for my icons. If you can’t see them, please reconfigure your AdBlock or consider whitelisting my blog.