These are fun to look at, right? I apparently do a lot of redesigning even though I claim each theme to be the last theme ever. My themes usually reflect my current aesthetic, but it changes a lot hence all the switching up.

Previous themes are listed in reverse chronological order.

Fleur Rose

December 2014 – June 2015
Introductory Post: New Theme (Sort of): Fleur Rose 1.1

Originally a child theme of Papergreen Remix, Fleur Rose became a full-blown theme with sticky meta boxes and a delicate color scheme. This theme remains to be one of my favorites.

Papergreen Remix

October 2014 – December 2014
Introductory Post: New Theme: Papergreen Remix

The full, fun name is Papergreen (DJ to the Cutesiness Remix feat Bones and Sass). This theme was intended to be just a tweak of Papergreen, hence the “remix.” I decided to scrap nearly everything with only the fonts and colors remaining.


June 2014 – October 2014
Introductory Post: New Theme: Papergreen

A one-column theme with fresh greens and reds. I loved this color pairing so much, they made it in the next theme. The original body font was Quattrocento, but I changed it to Libre Baskerville after the Chrome 37 update’s font rendering made it harder to read on Windows.

Little Honeycomb

January 2014 – June 2014
Introductory Post: None

My first theme after my blog’s relaunch. I wanted high contrast with lots of colors. I really liked the bubble header and subtle fade-in texture in my entries section. The footer was red and orange for even more contrast.