Blog Photo Outtakes!

I take a lot of pictures. A looooot of pictures. For my blog, my Instagram, my home, and my family. If you’ve read my tips on taking quality photos, this is simply par for the course. The more pictures to choose from, the better!

However, not every picture makes the cut. Some might not turn out good, others I might not like, or it might just be that my post has too many images and I’m trying to cut down on assets. Read more…

Blogging Through the Years (and a Giveaway!)

On October 19, 2001, I launched my very first webpage. It looked like this:

Back in the day, this would be a decently sized screenshot.

Let’s see, I used frames and Times New Roman. I’m pretty sure I had a totally unnecessary inline frame somewhere in there too. And of course, I had a fancy visitor counter. 😜 There was absolutely no content besides a blurb about Cardcaptor Sakura which was my favorite anime at the time.

I remember showing my webpage to my best friend, and her reaction was the equivalent of today’s “cool story bro.” But you know what? Read more…

How to Take Quality Blog Photos

Tara and Nancy asked me how I take my blog pictures, and so a new feature was born. Welcome to Part 1 of my Blog Photos Series! This series will cover how to compose and edit quality blog photos. I hope you find it useful! Part 1 will be focusing on how to take pictures, specifically product pictures.

Blogging is a highly visual medium, and pictures can make or break a blog post. If you are reviewing a product or simply sharing an item you like, it is imperative that you present it in a manner that will appeal to your audience. Read more…

How to Rock Nicheless Blogging

“Find your niche.”

That is the first piece of advice any professional blogger will tell you. Yet you’re not a professional blogger, and you have little reason to become one. You simply enjoy writing about your interests and meeting other like-minded bloggers. You don’t want to stick to a niche because you want to talk about all the things, and they’re not always related to each other.

Blogging to you is a creative outlet. You want to provide a good read, but it’s not about making money or going viral. Read more…

How to Host a Successful Linkup

It’s been six months since Eirene and I debuted our linkup, My Favorite Things. I’m personally having a ton of fun and benefiting greatly from all the submissions. I can’t count how many times I’ve discovered something awesome from a blogger who shared their favorites. I’m also happy to report that we have since gained a couple of regulars and a good amount of spectator comments.

I like to call our linkup a success just because of all the fun everyone seems to be having. Read more…