What I Wore: Birthday Looks

Quick fashion post! By the time this publishes, I’ll be in Philly on important business. So excited to be back in the city. I’m gonna eat all the food and do all the shopping!

I honestly wish I can take all the awesome things about every place I’ve lived in and put them all in once place. It’s gonna be a utopia of awesome malls from Makati, the gorgeous mountains of Vegas, the infinite career opportunities of Philly, the invigorating beaches of Subic, and the beautiful scenery of Lehigh Valley. Read more…

What I Wore: On Hot Days

Ninety-degree weather, what else is new?

Summer is only really enjoyable indoors or in the evening when the sun is setting. I’ve been trying to get out of the house more (no thanks to gaming for feeding into my hermit habit) and having my dinner outdoors, and it’s a pleasant way to end the day. Can’t handle the humidity otherwise!

At the Speakers’ Dinner

Here’s what I wore to the speakers’ dinner the night before Wordcamp LV! I’ve owned this eyelet dress for a while, but I haven’t worn it much. Read more…

Where to Find Cute Android Cases

I like to collect phone cases. I see them as an extension of my style, and I often switch them out to match my outfits, the season, or whatever suits my fancy. They’re a great way to show off my personality in a device that’s integral to our everyday lives.

But, I am also an Android user. Moreover, I use a less popular Android phone, an LG G4. I don’t have any thoughtful reason for using it over iOS, except that I’ve had Android phones for so long that I’m more comfortable with the platform. Read more…

What I Wore: Sock Bun Weather

Hello blog! I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve just been doing a lot of gaming which doesn’t lend to many interesting topics to write about, besides how salty I get at times. Otherwise, life’s good!

So summer’s here. We live in a very old building with no centralized A/C. Last year was very uncomfortable round this time, but we finally purchased a room unit, and it was so worth it. Our small apartment gets really hot whenever we run games because our computers heat up fast. Read more…

What I Wore: Stripes and the Same Jeans

This is a bit of a strange What I Wore post, because the first outfit was before I went out of town and the second was after. I’m also wearing the same pair of jeans, but these outfits are a good three weeks apart. I guess one can look at this as a multiple ways to wear the same jeans post.

This is the same outfit I was wearing on my recent hair post! Mike and I went to a small gathering with his classmates, and I kept it fairly simple. Read more…