What I Wore: Polka Dots on Vacation

The theme for my vacation wardrobe is black and pink with polka dots. I wanted all of my clothes to fit into my carry-on, so I carefully planned my outfits and packed only what was necessary. Sticking to a theme ensures that all your clothes match and nothing is superfluous.

My final pack was one dress, three shirts, and one pair of shorts, plus an extra set of pajamas, one pair of shoes, and the clothes I wore on the flight (long hoodie over shirt and jeans with my Nikes). Read more…

What I Wore: Ready for Spring

Here’s another What I Wore post! Now that spring is upon us, I feel a lot more motivated to get dressed again. It’s always been a challenge for me to look put together in the winter. I get too cold and miserable. No longer! Ready to bust out my lighter pieces and welcome the flowers with open arms. 🌷

Black and White

Eking out the last bits of winter with a black and white outfit before I spring back into colors! Read more…

What I Wore: Headwraps

Headwraps? Earwarmers? Headbands? I tend to interchange between all those terms, but whatever you like to call them, they’re super cute! Great for lazy hair days and neglected roots. 👩

Knit Headwrap

I purchased (not knitted, I can’t knit 😳) this headwrap from my visit to Philly last December. I was taking a quick stroll through Christmas Village when I found a table full of knit items. Naturally, I had to take a look. I found this really soft headwrap, and I bought it on impulse. Read more…

Crafted: Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Are you ready to treat yourself and your loved ones? I’m still planning how mine will go, but until then I thought it would be fun to do a small crochet collection just for that special day.

I wanted to challenge myself by stitching a set of items based on a theme, and since February 14 was coming up, I figured a Valentine’s collection would be fun to make. I didn’t have a lot of time to make a large set, so here’s my humble collection of crocheted items for Valentine’s Day! Read more…

What I Wore: Gray

We’re nearing the end of January, and it’s snowed in my area a total of two times, if you could even call it that. It’s more like semi-frozen rain. No beautiful snowflakes here! El Niño‘s been harsh this winter. Last year’s motto was “screw snow.” This year, it’s “where’s the snow?”

Though I suppose with the way I was complaining about snow last year, I shouldn’t worry about this warm winter. It’s much more akin to what I’m used to in Vegas. Read more…