2016 in Review


There, I said it. The last quarter of the year in particular have been rough for many reasons that I’d rather not go through, but if you’ve been wondering why this blog has been quiet, that’s pretty much why.

But it’s okay (mostly). Life is full of ups and downs, and this isn’t the worst low I’ve had. I’m not feeling particularly optimistic right now, but someday I will be again. Until then, I’ll probably keep to myself a little bit longer, pop in and out of this space, and focus on things that keep me sane in this mad world. Read more…

Snaps of Summer

I’d love summer if it wasn’t so hot. ☀

I know took a long break from blogging. Sure, I published a post or two, but I honestly just phoned them in. I wasn’t mentally present, and I certainly wasn’t there for my readers which makes me feel bad. I have a huge backlog of blogs to catch up and leave comments on! I also have a few post ideas that I hopefully can write out now that my workload’s eased up. Read more…

Life Lately: Improving Health Habits

First off, I still have no idea how to approach the naming scheme for this series. I guess I will stick to the ol’ reliable colon with subtitle. 😅 Can’t believe April is nearly over! Slow down, time. You’re going too fast! 🕐

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! I honestly miss writing journal entries on my blog. ~*Quality*~ posts are so exhausting haha. Can shitposting be an acceptable form of lifestyle blogging?

Planning My Meals

A few weeks ago, I started planning my meals. Read more…

Life Lately: Little Memories

On February 15th, I wrote this on Little Memory:

Had a chill day today. Nothing much happened and that’s a-okay.

… and that pretty much sums up life lately. The problem with being more considerate with what you share online is, you come to realize there isn’t much else to share. Relationships? Those are between me and the person. Work? I’ve always kept that private, even the good things that happen. Crochet? I’ve hit a wall after my Valentine’s Day collection which is a sign that I need a break, so I’m doing just that. Read more…

2015 in Review

Happy new year! It’s so strange how a year can be so long yet feel so short. Ive been told that time will fly too quickly when you’re older, and they’re right. I can’t believe another year has passed!

This year, I…

I went to a lot of trips both for work and fun. Read more…