2015 in Review

Happy new year! It’s so strange how a year can be so long yet feel so short. Ive been told that time will fly too quickly when you’re older, and they’re right. I can’t believe another year has passed!

This year, I…

I went to a lot of trips both for work and fun. Read more…

Life Lately: Still Unplugged

Still Off the Grid

I don’t have a good reason as to why I haven’t been blogging recently. If I’m being completely honest, I only post when I’ve cleared other priorities in my life and lately, there’s been a lot on my plate. They’re nothing I can’t handle, but blogging and social media are things I do when I don’t have anything else looming over me. I can’t enjoy them otherwise. That’s all there is to it.

I do have a huge backlog of entries that I’ve been meaning to publish for months. Read more…

Life Lately: Unplugging

Been Keeping Off the Grid

I’ve been channeling my sweet zero-fux-given prince Niall recently.

Don't wana see a single person today , thanks ! really really fun night with everyone but today , don't talk to me

— Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) August 31, 2015

I guess I’m officially ✨✨coming out✨✨ as a 1D stan but much like Niall, I don’t care. But yeah, I’ve been keeping to myself a lot. It’s partly on purpose and partly not. I was approached for a number of freelance commissions, and I’ve been handling that on my off-time. Read more…

Meet Beebo the Marimo

My friend Mara gave me a pet marimo for my birthday last month! <3 I told her I was thinking of getting one since they look so cute and are very easy to take care of. Imagine my surprise when I received a package after coming home from Vegas. I knew exactly who it was from. Thank you so much, my dear waifu! (´ε` )♡

Marimos are moss balls native to Japan and parts of Europe. Keeping a marimo is said to bring good luck, but their population in nature has been dwindling because of this. Read more…

27 Facts About Me

My birthday is closing in, and I’m turning 18 25 FINE, 27. I’m pretty happy with where I am now. I can say with confidence that my late 20s are miles better than my early 20s. I hope life only keeps soaring from here!

Although I still can’t shake the feeling that I don’t really know what to do with my life. Sure, I’m married and love my job, but then what? Buy a house? Start a family? Do I even want kids? Read more…