My Favorite Things: May 2016

Welcome to My Favorite Things, the linkup for all things wonderful hosted by yours truly and my good friend Eirene! Every first Tuesday, we post our monthly favorites and discover awesome things from fellow bloggers. Join us and share what you love!

Here’s what I’ve been loving this past month! I’ve been slowly building up my skincare routine in particular, and I really like how my new routine is going so far. I’ll be writing a proper skincare routine post soon. Read more…

My Favorite Things: April 2016

Welcome to My Favorite Things, the linkup for all things wonderful! I’m fashionably late, but Eirene is hosting those month so you guys know the drill. 🙃

This entry will be a quick one since I have a couple of things to take care of, but I decided to create subcategories for my faves so they’re more organized. I find it a little messy to lump together my favorite shows, products, games, and so on without categorizing them. 😰 Let me know what you think! Read more…

My Favorite Things: March 2016

Happy March and welcome to My Favorite Things, the linkup where your faves become my faves a month later. 😅 Let’s get to it!

Out of Milk


I discovered Out of Milk from a submission for last month’s linkup. I can’t seem to find that entry now. 😖 Please let me know if it was you! Out of Milk is an awesome grocery list app that allows you to group items by category, so you can get everything you need all at once. Read more…

My Favorite Things: February 2016

Happy February and welcome to another round of My Favorite Things, the linkup for all things wonderful. My partner-in-crime Eirene will be hosting this month so head on over to her blog and tell us what you love!

Following the reflection of how I approach social media, I’ve rearranged the way I consume content online into something more structured. I have also redirected my need to log everything I do into something a bit more useful.


Instapaper was sitting in my phone without much use, but I’ve decided to give it another try to save articles I wanted to read at a later time. Read more…

My Favorite Things: January 2016

Sup 2016! You’ve been pretty good so far. As per tradition, the first Tuesday is time for My Favorite Things, the linkup for all the things you love. I’ll be hosting again this month while Eirene builds her metropolis in Cities: Skylines, so check out the link below to add your entry. It’s open for two weeks!


HAN HAN by HanHan

HANHAN IS AMAZING. She’s a Filipina rapper based in Toronto dropping some serious rhymes along with traditional Pinoy instruments. Read more…