Games of the Moment

I’ve been gaming a lot lately, much more than usual! I normally only play for a few hours a week, but if I get sucked into a game, new or old, I can sink weeks into it. Usually it’s only one game, but I’ve been divvying up my free time over several games.

I’ve also made a lot of friends in-game over the last few weeks which has made playing much more enjoyable. I usually get several invites each time I log on Overwatch, both a blessing and a curse. Read more…

What I Wore: On Hot Days

Ninety-degree weather, what else is new?

Summer is only really enjoyable indoors or in the evening when the sun is setting. I’ve been trying to get out of the house more (no thanks to gaming for feeding into my hermit habit) and having my dinner outdoors, and it’s a pleasant way to end the day. Can’t handle the humidity otherwise!

At the Speakers’ Dinner

Here’s what I wore to the speakers’ dinner the night before Wordcamp LV! I’ve owned this eyelet dress for a while, but I haven’t worn it much. Read more…

My Favorite Things: August 2016

Here’s to another round of My Favorite Things,the linkup for all things wonderful! Eirene is taking a break from hosting, so I’ll be your lovely host again this month! Let's get to it!

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset


I’m still playing Overwatch! The first two weeks, I wasn’t able to communcate with my teammates because I didn’t have a full headset. My gaming computer isn’t able to use my AudioTechnica ATH-AX1iS‘s mic, so it was frustrating not being able to do callouts in-game. Read more…

Where to Find Cute Android Cases

I like to collect phone cases. I see them as an extension of my style, and I often switch them out to match my outfits, the season, or whatever suits my fancy. They’re a great way to show off my personality in a device that’s integral to our everyday lives.

But, I am also an Android user. Moreover, I use a less popular Android phone, an LG G4. I don’t have any thoughtful reason for using it over iOS, except that I’ve had Android phones for so long that I’m more comfortable with the platform. Read more…

Snaps of Summer

I’d love summer if it wasn’t so hot. ☀

I know took a long break from blogging. Sure, I published a post or two, but I honestly just phoned them in. I wasn’t mentally present, and I certainly wasn’t there for my readers which makes me feel bad. I have a huge backlog of blogs to catch up and leave comments on! I also have a few post ideas that I hopefully can write out now that my workload’s eased up. Read more…