Computer Within a Computer Theme

Over a week ago I posted a Tumblr theme made after one of my favorite game series, Fallout. I’ve always wanted to do fandom themes, but there’s plenty out there and I wanted to try something different. I had this idea of converting actual in-game elements into a working theme for a long time and so, here is my first attempt. RobCo Terminal is an almost accurate port of the terminal seen in Fallout.

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The entire process was fun but challenging. Read more…

Tumblr Theme: Ichigo Latte

Here’s an overdue post for my latest Tumblr theme! Theme Guide managed to link it before I did. That was kinda embarrassing, but in fairness, Tumblr was being weird and still labeled my theme as pending approval when it was already live for a few days. I was waiting until it went through for sure.

Say hello to Ichigo Latte! A sweet, frothy, and caption-friendly theme.

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My best friend came up with the name. Read more…

Tumblr Theme: Orange Pop

I decided to bite the bullet and submit my theme on the Tumblr Theme Garden. I can’t believe they approved it! It went live yesterday and I’ve had a few installs already. What is this madness!

I present to you Orange Pop! A bright, responsive theme with a splash of citrus.

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It’s customizable (example), though still not as much as I’d like. I’m taking feature requests and feedback if anyone would like to share them. Read more…