New Theme: Papergreen Remix

Last night, I quietly launched my new blog theme. Say hello to Papergreen (DJ to the Cutesiness Remix) feat. Bones and Sass. Yes, that is the official name. Themes named like obnoxious dance pop songs are important to me.

Originally, I was going to simply rearrange my previous theme to have a sidebar and convert older posts into excerpts. Hence, the “remix.” What started out as rearranging turned into a brand new theme as I found more and more things I didn’t like. Read more…

Text-Only Surfing

In my two weeks without wifi, I had to make do with my phone’s data. Most of the time, I’d surf on my phone, but once in a while, I’d hook it up to my laptop through USB tethering and I can get online from there. With a 10GB limit between me and four other people, I had to be very careful with my usage not only to stay below our data cap but also so as not to deter my family’s usage. Read more…

Computer Within a Computer Theme

Over a week ago I posted a Tumblr theme made after one of my favorite game series, Fallout. I’ve always wanted to do fandom themes, but there’s plenty out there and I wanted to try something different. I had this idea of converting actual in-game elements into a working theme for a long time and so, here is my first attempt. RobCo Terminal is an almost accurate port of the terminal seen in Fallout.

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The entire process was fun but challenging. Read more…

Tumblr Theme: Ichigo Latte

Here’s an overdue post for my latest Tumblr theme! Theme Guide managed to link it before I did. That was kinda embarrassing, but in fairness, Tumblr was being weird and still labeled my theme as pending approval when it was already live for a few days. I was waiting until it went through for sure.

Say hello to Ichigo Latte! A sweet, frothy, and caption-friendly theme.

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My best friend came up with the name. Read more…

Tumblr Theme: Orange Pop

I decided to bite the bullet and submit my theme on the Tumblr Theme Garden. I can’t believe they approved it! It went live yesterday and I’ve had a few installs already. What is this madness!

I present to you Orange Pop! A bright, responsive theme with a splash of citrus.

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It’s customizable (example), though still not as much as I’d like. I’m taking feature requests and feedback if anyone would like to share them. Read more…